Welcome to Valley Vascular Consultants, P.C.

About Valley Vascular Consultants, P.C.

1) To serve our patients in a courteous and professional manner, to let our patients know they are valued and to develop long term relationships with our patients.
2) To offer state-of-the-art care with minimum discomfort.
3) To promote regular preventative care in our office and at home, so our patients can enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Tennessee Valley Vascular Consultants, P.C. is dedicated to delivering comprehensive patient care throughout North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley. We appreciate and welcome your inquiries and suggestions which will allow us to provide the premium in vascular care. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

We want your visit to our clinic to be as pleasant and convenient as possible. In preparing to come to our office, dress in comfortable clothing and shoes. Two-piece ensembles with a button-up-the front blouse or shirt should be worn. Please bring either a list of your prescribed medications and dosages or bring your medications in their original containers.

If you are a new patient, please bring your insurance cards and check with your primary care physician for referrals. Please plan to come 30 minutes early in order to fill out necessary paperwork.  I preparation for your visit you can download and fill out your paperwork prior to your appointment here.

Surgery may improve or remove symptoms, and restore you to a more independent lifestyle. Remember that surgery does not cure atherosclerosis. The disease process is still present. You can help to control this. A firm commitment to keep regular follow-up appointments with your doctor and to change your lifestyle to reduce risk factors, will help to control further disease.

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